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Title : Assessment Study: Analyze the functioning of the National Forum of Children in Burundi (FONEB).

Organization : UNICEF

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Language : French

Type of document : Assessment Study report

Date of publication : 2016-04-30

Brief description : This report is produced after an assessment study of the establishment and functioning of the National Forum of Children in Burundi (FONEB). The FONEB is a platform of expression and dialogue for children, established in 2013, in order to strengthen their civic education, constructive, serene and peaceful participation in the community life in Burundi.
The assessment has been conducted to assess the achievements of the project and strengthen the functioning of the forum before the elections for the new term. The study aimed primarily to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to the activities carried out, and draw lessons for the next term of the forum actions.

Involved as : Author