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>> Graduate programs

M.B.A. in Management Consulting

Name of Institution: UQAM - School of Management (Quebec, CANADA)
Teaching Language: French
Brief description of the program and knowledge gained: The master's program in business administration (MBA) in management consulting aims to strengthen the response capacity of specialists in management consulting business by extending their services and management skills in a context of consultation. The program allows these professionals to become more versatile in performing their duties with business and able to assume the responsibilities associated with managing their own consulting companies, if any. The skills gained by holders of an MBA in management consulting are:
- Advanced knowledge related to intervention process consulting focused on the business context, among others, the functions of the organization and managerial roles group dynamics.
- Advanced knowledge of organizational change management, including processes, models, methods and tools.
- Advanced knowledge of human resource management, including human resource development strategies.
- Advanced knowledge of strategic marketing and how to design services and products of the organization to fit to customer needs and experience.
- Advanced knowledge of operations management.
- The ability to design complex models of intervention to be an effective agent of change - The ability to formulate and implement plans of action and a favorable attitude to updating continuous learning.
- A capacity analysis of the functioning of organizations in terms of operation and management;
- Rapid integration of new disciplinary knowledge to knowledge and experience;
- The ability to synthesize and solve complex problems related to business management.
Interpersonal skills:
- Leadership in the context of strategic management and consulting;
- Sensitivity to customer needs and awareness of ethical aspects of business management
- Establish trust relationships in the context of intervention in business.

Master in Development Evaluation and Management

Name of Institution: University of Antwerp - I.D.P.M. (Antwerp, BELGIUM)
Teaching Language: French
Brief description of the program and knowledge gained: This Master’s program in Development Evaluation and Management (MA) offers insight into the nature of monitoring of projects and development evaluation, as well as its relevance and challenges, at both a methodological and an institutional level. Graduates are familiarised with multidisciplinary tools that will improve their capacity to understand interactions among actors involved, and to contribute to an enhanced conceptualisation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes.

>> Undergraduate programs

Statistic Engineering Diploma

Name of Institution: ENSEA (COTE D’IVOIRE)
Teaching Language: French
Brief description of the program and knowledge gained: The program of Statistic Engineering aims to train specialists in collecting, processing and analysis of data, able to provide reliable information for decision-making at the top level in all organizations. Graduates in statistics possess the following skills:
- designing a plan for collecting statistical data including methods and tools (questionnaires, interview guides, sampling, schedule, budget).
- design of a mask input data with statistical software.
- design and implementation of data analysis plan to realise descriptive and multivariate analysis with technical softwares such as SAS, SPSS, Excel, Eviews.

Bachelor in Economics

Name of Institution: University of Abidjan / Cocody - UFRSEG (COTE D’IVOIRE)
Teaching Language: French
Brief description of the program and knowledge gained: This program is a four years academic program at the University of Cocody. It is design to train students in economics after a two years in general studies in mathematics, microeconomy, macroeconomy, statistic and law.
After the program, students are able to make percutant analysis on public economy, develop currency policy, participate to design strategic policies and programs for government, like government budget, and to participate to social and economic research.