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My e-resources about development
Welcome to my website !

My objective, presenting this online platform, is to share my expertise, interests and professional goals in order to set up a successful collaboration in supporting your organization or your personal goals.

Senior Consultant, I have mainly a multidisciplinary profile, but my knowledge and competencies are focused on social sciences and business management. I am positioning myself as a development practitioner and a business consultant, with strong analytical and quantitative skills. My working experience in development sector is more than 10 years and is a combination of my past positions in public and private sector, and my consulting assignments carried out since the last six years.

I have high knowledge and a professional practice in management consulting, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, conduct of economic studies and management of statistical data system for decision-making. My areas of expertise are all sectors related to business (Entrepreneuship and SMEs) and social sciences specifically education, strategic governance, food security, health and HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, poverty alleviation. Also, I have a very good management/leadership skills, and I am able to lead multidisciplinary teams in any context. I demonstrated a know-how in managing business project (CRM project in telecommunication sector, the set-up of SMEs) and evaluation teams. in addition, I have a proven know-how in the facilitation of workshops with other experts for the design of program, training of national civil servants in project management, the conducting of field visits to assess projects' results, the conducting of interviews and dialogue with stakeholders and local communities in rural areas to collect data on programs.

I have a very good knowledge of UN programming, as well as international NGOs' procedures, and issues related to international development.

I am available for any assignments worldwide in short term or mid-term, or consulting contracts in the relevant areas related to my competencies, should you need my services.

You will also find on this website some examples of my achievements (reports, research papers...) and some useful resources (methods, publications, events announcement...) linked to my networks or to the international development community. These resources would surely be useful for you depending to your interest.

Good look!