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Title : Situation Analysis of the Socio-Economic status of Women and Girls after the 2015 electoral crisis in Burundi

Organization : UN Women

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Language : French

Type of document : Study report

Publication date : 2017-08-08

Brief description : This report is produced after a situation analysis study carried out in Burundi in April-May 2017. The purpose of this study was to provide an overview of the socio-economic status of women and girls in Burundi since the 2015 elections in four (4) areas: (i) Agriculture, (ii) Representation and Participation in the public sector, (iii) Standard of living and Livelihoods, and (iv) Protection and human rights. In particular, the study aimed to assess the potential effects of the political crisis of the electoral period, combined with the precariousness of the post-electoral environment, on the socio-economic status of women and girls in Burundi.

Role in the drafting : Author