These are documents, reports and other resources produced within the framework of consultancy mandates (e.g. evaluation reports, training reports, etc.) and during our academic course (e.g. internship reports, case studies , etc.).
Only an overview of the documents is presented for confidentiality reasons, with the exception of contracts / works for which there has been no tacit agreement on this matter with the client.

To obtain the complete report / document and use it in the context of professional, academic or other research work, a request must be made by email to, specifying the title of document and the purpose of request.
In addition, reference of the document must be indicated in said research. We reserve the right to initiate any legal action behind the competent authorities for any fraudulent use and plagiarism.

Recent Professional Publications

  • Evaluation report Type of document: Evaluation report
    Title: Impact Evaluation of the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Approach implemented in the AERCA Project areas in the Central African Republic from 2013 to 2018
    Organization: UNICEF / Wash, M&E units
    Country: Central African Republic (CAR)

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  • Study report Type of document: Study report
    Title: Situation Analysis of the Socio-Economic status of Women and Girls after the 2015 electoral crisis in Burundi
    Organization: UN Women
    Country: Burundi

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  • Training report Type of document: Training report
    Title: Capacity Building Workshop on Result-Based Management (RBM) targeted 40 professionals and managers from the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Protection (MPFFPE)
    Organization: Ministry of Women, Family and Child Protection (MPFFPE)
    Country: Cote d'Ivoire

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Lastest Academic Publications

  • Mémoire de fin de cycle Type of document: Mémoire de fin de cycle
    Title: Pauvreté, habitats précaires et stratégies de survie des ménages en Côte d’Ivoire : étude des déterminants d’entrée et de sortie dans la commune de Yopougon, ville d’Abidjan
    Institution: Université d'Anvers / IPGD

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