International Development

Our goal is to support international organizations, governments, NGOs and humanitarian organizations for the implementation of their programs and projects in all sectors.
In particular, we offer quality service in PROGRAM / PROJECT EVALUATION for development initiatives.

Description of services

Our international development consulting services aim to support the projects and programs of public, parapublic and humanitarian organizations operating or intervening in the least developed and emerging countries.
We thus provide professional services to support the design of policies, planning and implementation of programs and projects in all sectors, with a dominance of social sectors (education, health and nutrition, social affairs, gender equality promotion, food security, democratic governance, etc.) with a view to strengthen the impact of interventions for the benefit of populations.
In terms of strategic planning, our interventions relate in particular to the design of sectoral strategic plans (e.g. integrated plan to fight violence against women and girls), project proposals and annual work plans, as well as any other document aimed at defining a strategic orientation framework for a project or the creation of a business.
We also support development / humanitarian organizations that plan to implement a development / humanitarian project in a given region (e.g. improving access to health care, to the education sector, etc.) by conducting situation analyzes in the field to identify the real needs of the populations, the risks involved, the "chances" of success for the project, etc.
We also give an essential spot to data collection and analysis at all levels of the organization. The establishment of an adequate information system is essential to guide decision-making, improve organizational processes, support market development and competitiveness against the strong global competition.

>> Program / Project Monitoring & Evaluation

>> Strategic Planning (Programs / Projects)

>> Baseline & Socio-Economic Studies

>> Program / Project Proposal Design

>> Statistical Information System Design

>> Gender Studies / SGBV - VAWG


Management Consulting

Management consulting services aim to help organizations improve their management and operations for better efficiency in the conduct of their daily activities.

Description of services

We provide consulting services to guide clients in defining their business or development strategy, the internal organization of tasks and functions (e.g. job description), the definition and management of specific projects and many others services.
One of our philosophies is that a good strategic planning, a coherent programming of activities, projects and related resources (human, financial, intellectual, logistics, etc.) are in most cases the essential basis leading to the achievement of positive and lasting benefits / results / changes for the concerned organization / institution.
We support organizations to develop their markets, improve their operating processes and manage their human resources. We also carry out feasibility studies and other specific studies to guide organizations in their growth process, prospecting new markets / opportunities and optimizing business processes (e.g. reduction of queues, improvement of customer management, setting up call centers).

>> Business Plan Design

>> Change Management

>> Talent Development

>> Business Process Optimization

>> Financial Statement Design for SME/NFPO (IFRS)

>> Market Development & Intermediation


Capacity Building - Entrepreneurship

"Well-trained, competent and regularly trained staff is a guarantee of the organization's continuous performance”."

Description of services

The capacity building component aims to provide training offers tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses, governments, NGOs and other development partners.
To support individuals and organizations in achieving their personal and professional development goals for their employees, we provide them with three (3) major training portfolios :

The international seminars are presented as opportunities for capacity building of active professionals working in both the public and private sectors. The subjects taught meet the needs for improving the quality of services offered to individuals by companies, and for strengthening the performance of development projects and government activities for the public sector.

The technical workshops are organized for the benefit of students / young graduates looking for job opportunities, professionals wishing to engage in entrepreneurship and companies wishing to develop new markets / products.
These workshops which are presented as "strategic" for job seekers, because of allowing them to improve their competitiveness and their employability on the labor market, relate to various themes such as CV and cover letter preparation, training for tests and job interviews, identifying of your personality profile, etc.
For companies, these workshops are an opportunity to seize business development opportunities at international level (in Africa in particular) and / or productive investments in local businesses.

Our specialized training programs are developed to meet specific needs in terms of operations management, competitiveness and performance of companies / organizations. They are set up following geo-economic and strategic analyzes of the functioning of companies / organizations and the evolution of economic activity. These programs concern at the same time innovations in processes, methods, jobs and technologies in a vision of a continuous improvement for economic activity.

>> Result Based Management (RBM)

>> Human Rights Based Planning Approach (HRBP)

>> Data Collection & Analysis (DCA)

>> Project Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)

>> Coaching in Business Design

>> Statistical Software