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>> Master in Education (M.Ed.)

Name of Institution: University of Ottawa - Faculty of Education (CANADA)
Teaching Language: French
Brief description of the program and acquired knowledge: The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program, Leadership, Evaluation, Educational Programs and Policies option provides key knowledge and skills to create stimulating learning opportunities. It gives graduates the essential skills to intervene in the improvement and implementation of:

(1) Educational policies (analysis of the theories and pedagogical trends that underlie the understanding of educational and policies);
(2) Formative and summative evaluation of programs (e.g. participatory evaluation, development of evaluation skills, classroom learning assessment, large-scale assessment), measurement (e.g. psychometry, test theories) and testing (e.g. certification, standardization);
(3) Leadership exercising in schools or other organizational, professional and community institutions, with a focus on knowledge and learning that meets social, cultural, digital and economic needs of the 21st century.

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