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"Seeing far, wanting change, finding the way and believing in one's capacities to make it happen!"

Hervé Kouandé

Herve Kouande

International Expert in Evaluation & Development Support

Welcome to my website!

My objective, by presenting this onlne platform, aims to share my expertise, my interests, my professional objectives and my achievements to set up a fruitful collaboration for the support of your organizational projects.

Senior consultant, I have more a multidisciplinary profile, with knowledge and skills related to social sciences and business management. I am an experienced practitioner of Development support and optimization of organizational efficiency, with strong analytical, quantitative and advisory skills to guide the strategic decision-making.
My professional experience in consultancy support at the international level is more than 15 years. It is the combination of my past and current employment experiences in the public and private sectors, as well as my achievements in the sector of consultancy with international, public and humanitarian organizations for the last 10 years.

I have proven knowledge and a professional practice in consulting in programs / projects monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, conduct of baseline and economic studies, design and management of statistical information system for decision making. My areas of expertise are all sectors related to SOCIAL SCIENCES, in particular education, strategic governance, food security, health - nutrition and fight against HIV / AIDS, food security, water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH), gender equality and the fight against SGBV, the fight against poverty; as well as BUSINESS (Entrepreneurship, support for SMEs, etc.). In addition, I have an excellent management / leadership skills, and I am able to lead multidisciplinary teams of experts in any context.

Moreover, I have proven expertise in training / capacity building for government officials and facilitating of workshops with other experts for program design, capacity development in project monitoring and evaluation, including carrying out field visits to assess the results of interventions, conducting dialogue with stakeholders and local communities in rural areas to collect data about programs.

At the technical level, I have an excellent command of the United Nations system programs programming and the intervention procedures of international NGOs, as well as questions related to international development.

I am available to support your organization in the context of short-term or medium-term missions around the world, or long-term consultancy / work contracts in the relevant areas related to my skills.
Thank you for your collaboration and enjoy your visit to my website!



Academic History

Multidisciplinary profile:
graduate in education, evaluation, management, statistics and economics.
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Vision & values

Vision: "Help build a sustainable future by capitalizing on individual energies."

In the context of our work, our values are the essence of our energies and the engine of our interventions. We believe that the key to efficiency and success in driving change lies in the following values that we always want to share with our clients and partners:

  • the co-productive approach in all interventions, both beneficial for the client and for ourselves in terms of personal development ;
  • taking individual knowledge into account at all levels. Our masterword is that "everyone involved in an organization or intervention has knowledge that can be capitalized" ;
  • quality-oriented services with strong involvement of key players in order to contribute to the lasting influence of our clients' operating processes;
  • a collaborative consultancy relationship based on professionalism, active listening, frankness and mutual respect ;
  • the mutual transfer of knowledge and the strengthening of the responsabilization about the results of interventions as essential means of a "win-win" partnership.

Hervé Kouandé — Herve Kouande


Consulting Strategy

"Develop innovative approaches and solutions adapted to the challenges of our customers, through a participatory learning process oriented towards an efficient and sustainable impact."

We put a great importance to teamwork and synergy. This approach, which remains one of our values, is one of the pillars of our interventions, some of which we favor a team approach both by the combination of different profiles of associated consultants and by the association of the expertise of our clients.

For us, working with other consulting firms or individual consultants is a real opportunity for business development, but also for capitalizing on knowledge and know-how.

We are therefore open to partnerships with other consulting firms or individual consultants to tender together for request for proposal or to intervene together within the framework of already existing consultancy contracts.